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We offer dance courses, performances and its related services in a wide range of programmes to cater to the needs of large corporation or small company and the individual from all walks of life.

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for Corporation

Contact us should you need:

- a dance instructor to conduct corporate classes

- a dance choreography for your events

- to rent dance costume for your company

- a graphic designer or photography for product launches

for Government Agencies and Statutory Boards

We are a registered GeBIZ Trading Partner. Contact us should you need:

- a festive dance item at the community events, eg for Mother's Day celebration

- a multi-cultural dance performance, eg for National Day celebration

- short term dance lesson or dance for fitness programme for your department staff

- a dance concept graphic designer for your programm booklet

for Parents and the individual

Contact us should you need:

- someone to choreograph a dance for your child / yourself

- to source for costumes or props for your child / yourself

for Non-profit Organisation

We are happy to perform in events for a good cause free of charge organised by the non-profit organisation. We only ask you for the transportation for our performers.

All enquiries, please get in touch with us via our contact form. click here