Dance Explore

Dance Explore is a unique dance educational program which provides students the practical dance experience and opportunity to synthesise knowledge, techniques and skills of various forms of dance culture. This learning program is to supplement students’ knowledge, enhance artistry and physical possibilities in DANCE.

This is held annually during the local school holidays in either June or at the end of the year in the month of November and December. Guest teachers are invited to conduct, to provide essential knowledge and practical experience in the art of dancing.

This is a fun and enriching learning activity during the school holidays. Come and explore some dance movements and steps !


舞蹈探索是一个特别策划的舞蹈教育项目。课程将通过实践学习,让学生认识各种舞蹈的文化知识,方法和技巧。 学习活动内容有古典芭蕾舞和中国舞蹈; 各种民族文化舞蹈和流行街舞等也培训。同时,培育学生对学习多元文化的热忱,扩大他们的视野以加强舞蹈的能力。



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