Performance Programme

The Performance Programme is for one who demands intensive training and looking forward to professional performance opportunity. It focuses on building technical and artistic excellence. With guest teachers, the students will further broaden their knowledge of the arts of theatrical dancing and also creative process experience with guest choreographers.

The training

Given the fact that most of us will do the normal academic education and unable to become professional dancers. This is a fulfilling program that substitute the path of not being able to pursue a career in dance. We offer a bicultural learning environment focusing on the study of Ballet and Chinese cultural dance that include the following curricula:

Classical Ballet Technique

Pointe work

Classical Chinese Dance Technique

Body conditioning


Performance opportunity both locally and overseas

How to join

Contact us for admission is by audition only.

Applicants must be 17 years old and above.

Applicants must have dance training background in any form.


The correct uniform must be worn for class. The essential items that include leotards, tights and shoes are available for purchase at our own studio.