Ballet school in Singapoe

About us - Overview

Ballet Eastern Dance is a small business registered in Singapore providing dance training, education, performances and its related services.

In Education and Performance, we provide a bicultural learning environment focusing on the study of classical Ballet and Chinese cultural dance. We offer dance courses to children, youth and adult. Our qualified teachers are registered with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD, UK), the Beijing Dance Academy (PRC) and the local relevant authorities Ministry of Education and the People’s Association. Our teachers and choreographers are also associate member of the RAD (UK) and the Chinese Dance Artistes' Association (Singapore).

Over the past years, we have grown and we now provide dance costumes, accessories and props for rental and sale. For the dance supplies, we stock mainly Ballet and Chinese dance costumes, dance apparel, props, accessories and gifts.

郑喜银舞蹈学校 - 概述

郑喜银舞蹈学校 ( 英Ballet Eastern Dance) 是在新加坡注册的小型企业,业务是提供舞蹈教育,表演活动和其相关服务。

郑喜银舞蹈学校旨在推动文化舞蹈教育,创造演出各类舞蹈表演艺术的形式与风格。我们为儿童,青少年和成人提供舞蹈课程;有个重视双重文化的舞蹈学习环境, 主要教授古典芭蕾舞和中国舞蹈。我们的合格教师均为英国皇家舞蹈学院注册教师、北京舞蹈学院毕业、新加坡教育部课程辅助活動注册教员和人民协会注册教员。 编舞老师们也是英国皇家舞蹈学院和新加坡华族舞蹈协会成员。