Ballet Eastern Dance Club Buddy Membership

Buddy Membership

Knowing the membership

This is a dance club devoted to educational dance activities, enriching our culture and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.
Our Buddy membership programme is a place where we share and pursue a common interest in hobby and the art and craft of dancing. We organise and provide a fun and relaxing environment to learn, practice, enjoy the art of dancing fostering friendship and including a wide range of liftstyle, dining choices and hotel staycation !

How to join

This membership programme is open to ladies and gentlemen age 13 and above.

No worries on dance skill level. Just the will to have fun and meet new friends while discovering and developing a hobby.

Only Parent or Guardian can register and apply for applicant under 18 years of age. As we require emergency contact, compliance with terms and conditions and other details specified in this membership programme.

Click here for the Buddy Membership registration form

Activities and Benefits

We have tailored plans link with our business partners for a series of exciting activities for us to spend valuable time together all year round:


A dancexercise lesson where artistry meets athleticism, is held monthly for our club members. Laughter will be for sure and have fun and meet new friends while working out on several body parts and dance routines simultaneously. No payment is required.


A joyful day for our Buddy members on our monthly birthday celebration. No payment is required.

There are 3 barbecue parties during the year. Usually held on shcool or public holidays. No payment is required.

Festive celebration such as Lunar New Year greetings, Lantern Festival, Christmas etc are held throughout the year. No payment is required.

Excursion and field trips are organised during school or public holiday. Some do not require any payment while some do. The paid trip is generally for a to and fro transportation charge.

Merchant's products, services and discount

Many exciting privileges with a wide array of shopping, dining choices and hotel staycation to enhance our services and to thank you for your support.

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