Enrichment Programme

The enrichment activities we offer to our students form an integral part of their development. We strongly believe in fostering and nurturing our students’ talents and abilities in a fun yet challenging environment. Guest instructors and professionals are invited to conduct workshops and short courses so that they will learn much more than dance. Important life skills such as creativity, discipline and team participation are achieved resulting in learners who celebrate diversity.

contemporary dance

Our guest instructor, Ms Selina Tan conducting contemporary dance workshop

RAD summer school

Our school is involved in the summer school organised by the Royal Academy of Dance. The students sweating themselves out during the five-day program are from neighbouring countries and our very own students.

dance make-up workshop

Applying face powder and colouring the face is fun! We organise make-up workshop for our students. They learn stage make-up, an essential subject, from knowing what is foundation to outlining the face features to applying brushes and shades that are heavy and bold.

dance exchange program

Interaction and communication are important life skills that we want to impart in our students. We have dance exchange program with other schools both locally and overseas. This photo shows students and teachers from the Hong Kong Camy School of Dancing having a moment interacting with our students.