Ballet Eastern Dance Club

Ballet Eastern Dance Club

Welcome to Ballet Eastern Dance Club Membership Programme.

This is a hobby club devoted to educational dance activities and enriching our cultural lifestyle.

Our membership programme is a place where we share and pursue a common interest in hobby and the art and craft of dancing. We organise and provide a fun and relaxing environment to learn, practice, enjoy the art of dancing and fostering friendship. Our membership privileges include a wide range of lifestyle, dining choices and hotel staycation !

With our well plan and age appropriate activities, we have two options for membership:
- The Junior Membership learn more
- The Buddy Membership learn more

Sign up for our membership now and Dance into a joyful world with us!

Membership Information

What do you get with your Club membership




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Exclusive access to our year round dance workshops and activities.

How to register

Registration for membership is open to everyone, for boy and girl, lady and gentleman. Both schooling student and working adult are all welcome to join our club.

Click here for the Junior Membership registration form

Click here for the Buddy Membership registration form

More questions in joining our club

Any queries, fedback or concerns about registration or membership to our Club can be directed via email here